26 Juli 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 vs IPhone 4S

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While still not launched into a most awaited smartphone attendance by many people. For several months we made the curious wait for a smartphone. On this occasion we will compare the ability. Of course, both these smartphones have their weapon - one that is able to conquer his opponent.

We know from last year Nokia has come out of old habits and start using the Symbian smart phone had switched to OS Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia 900 being the best among the other series Lumia. 4S be the best smartphone iPhones Apple production. Very fair to compare the best smartphone of the two largest phone companies do not even use the same OS.

Nokia Lumia 900 VS iPhone 4S

What do you think about the design used by both the smartphone? At first we will see what kind of materials used to make the body to make it look unique, solid, and throw away - far away the impression of cheap. Both draw smartphone collide, the same - both use high quality materials. When viewed from its size, Nokia Lumia 900 does have a larger dimension than the iPhone 4S. However, Nokia Lumia looks better because it uses a unibody design iPhone 4S made of polycarbonate, while somewhat prone to smudges and fingerprints because it uses a body-colored glossy finish.

Because the iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia 900 has different types of buttons that we deem comparable. But the functionality and simplicity we prefer to use the iPhone 4S because it is not complicated, once push straight out of the application. On the other hand there is microfon, internal speakers and a 3.5 mm jack, but Nokia Lumia 900 using regular microUSB, while the iPhone 4S uses 30-pin USB port.

Although promoted as an 8MP camera, but there are some parts that differentiate. On the iPhone 4S 8P camera features a single LED flash and a wide angle lens F2.4. Meanwhile, Nokia Lumia 900 features a dual LED flash and F2.2 lens angle of view. In matters of Video Call (chat) Nokia Lumia 900 is superior because it has a size of 1.3 MP front camera while still relying on the iPhone 4S VGA camera.


We agree if both of these handsets have the same wonderful display, especially when viewed from a little distance away, but after more carefully observed, we will find that the retina display on the iPhone 4S (640 x 960) is more stable than pesaingnnya seen. However, Nokia Lumia 900 were helped thanks to the larger screen size 4.3-inch WVGA (480 x800). Darisini alone can we draw conclusions when the Retina Display on iPhone 4S has superior sharpness but lose only about the width of the 3.5-inch diagonal.

Performance is when we use it for browsing is certainly more comfortable with a larger screen size. But the matter of the quality of writing / iPhone 4S displayed text is much clearer than the Nokia Lumia 900 which looks a bit chaotic. In addition, thanks to the IPS screen color production on 4S iPhone screen is much more accurate than the AMOLED on Nokia Lumia 900.

User Interface

In general, the biggest thing that makes the consumer to decide to choose the handset operating system is what suits him or the most desirable. Honestly, there is not anything that deserves to be compared between one another platform because it has a different experience when using it. We agree if Windows Phone and IOS are two mobile platforms the easiest to understand for beginners. But for some reason, we prefer to see the visual display Metro UI box - a box-style Windows Phone 7.5, thanks to the screen on the Nokia tapilan Lumia 900 looks more alive. On the other hand, the iPhone 4S is simplified by using a simple User Interface typical IOS.

When we often use the phone as a tool to send a second message of this smartphone has a keyboard that is just as good. Nokia Lumia has a wider layout because it uses a larger screen but offers the same level of response.

Processor and Performance

As a user of a smartphone would be proud when telling others what type of processor used by our smartphones. However, we will acknowledge which of the two smartphones is more power full. iPhone 4S uses a dual-core CPU processor 800Mhz with 512MB RAM Apple A5, while the Nokia Lumia 900 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU single core 1.5 Ghz and 512MB RAM. Maybe we will consider dual-core processor is a win-speed data processing, but no, both processors have the same speed in running some of the features.

Unfortunately, Nokia Lumia 900 powerless when should compare the storage memory of 16GB, while the iPhone only has 3 choices 16.32, and 64GB.

Internet and Connection
When using Internet Connection 4G LTE makes Nokia Lumia 900 is the winner at the speed of data transfer, but other than that not much difference when using it for browsing. But in particular we will be treated by the beauty of the Retina Display on iPhone 4S, text that appears very good and clear. On the other hand, the iPhone 4S offers Bluetooth 4.0 compared to 2.1 of Nokia Lumia 900.

On paper, both these handsets have the same size camera, designed to attract the attention of mobile photography enthusiasts. But if we further test ternyat iPhone 4S Nokia Lumia is above 900. This fact when we can see the image generated by the iPhone 4S may issue a more natural color, sharper and brighter. When used in low light conditions, Nokia Lumia 900 to produce images more noise. However, it still helped by a LED flash which worked effectively to illuminate the object image.

There are difficult decision, especially when we are facing the same two sophisticated smartphone - just have the feature rich. Second overall this fort give different experience, but willing to meet the same demands. Finally back into the hands of consumers all over which is better according to them. When our choice is based on the smartphone which is supported by many third party applications certainly no harm in choosing the iPhone 4S. But when the User Interface, photo sharing and transfer of data into a final point of comparison the choice fell on the Nokia Lumia 900.
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