26 Juli 2012

How To: Download and Install iPhone Applications for Free via Computer

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Download and Install iPhone Applications for Free via Computer

As we understand that there are a variety of applications in the Apps Store, but some are free, there is also a paid alias you have to pay (via credit card or paypal) every time you download the application. And as we understand also that sometimes paid applications are always more interesting and certainly more fun (ie games) to play and run on the iPhone for free.

Then what if you want to install the application on the iPhone for free without having to pay? There are various ways you can get an application for a premium, but free to be installed on your iPhone. The first step of course you are looking for first application you want (use Google), or if you do not want to bother you can visit appdb there been available a wide range of free applications for your iPhone downloads.

After getting the applications you want, next is the application installation process into your iPhone.
Methods that used here require an iPhone that has been get Jailbreak and Cydia installed on your iPhone.

This is next steps

1. Access Cydia and install OpenSSH, this is useful so that your iPhone can connect through the SFTP protocol (you can use FlashFXP, CoreFTP, FileZilla etc.)

2. Connect your iPhone to a WiFi network at home then check the IP address of your iPhone.

3. Run the FTP Client (example here using FlashFXP) and Connect to the IP Address of your iPhone. When required use the username root and password alpine

4. Prepare the application you want to install on the iPhone. If you get the IPA file then rename the file to the ZIP extension, then extract the ZIP file, you will get a folder named Payload, in which there is a folder of the application, usually named (eg

5. Now time to upload folder to / Applications on your iPhone, do not forget to change the apps folder permissions on / Applications to 775 via FTP client (FlashFXP)

6. Create a folder "Documents" without quotes in the /Applications and /private/var/Mobile then set the folder access to 777

7. Restart your iPhone and the application / game was already on your iPhone to play.

This method is very easy and fast if you often use FTP before.
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