26 Juli 2012

How to Prevent Hack Wordpress with Simple just 4 easy steps

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1. backup your SQL data as to avoid loss of your posting and other data.

2. backup all your site's file via cpanel.

3. because usually the intruders do symlink and the first thing they were after the wp-config.php and chmod are sometimes not able to block the code php to be read, then you have to do most easily and global effect is to choose a secure hosting.

you can ask to Google, Yahoo or hosting recommended by WordPress:

4. it is very easy and ensure your security, when you finish to install / edit plugins and themes then change the extension following components:
replace the suffix .php with .bak like example: wp-admin/plugin-install.php become wp-admin/plugin-install.bak because the four component is a way to insert dangerous php code to your site.

5. it is optional, you can protect the directory /wp-admin using password. because by doing this. password firectory will never be read because encrypted.

see how to here: Password protect directory

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