26 Juli 2012

Install Android on PC

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Before starting install Android to PC, make sure to first check your hardware. In order to choose the Android-x86 iso.


Download Android ISO from here

Select that compatible with your hardware.

Burn the iso to a cd, or creat live usb using unetbootin.

Please follow this step

1. Turn on your PC, and select the option boot from usb. shortcut keys are different of each bios brand. most common is using F11 key for select boot options.

2. Select option "Installation - Install ANdroid-x86 to harddisk" to start the installation.

3. Then select the partition to be installed, selected partition must not Windows System installed there. (backup your data before installation).

4. Then select the type of partition to be used. (recommended using the ext3 partition)

5. Partition will be formatted. Click Yes to continue.

6. Installing the bootloader, that is menu option when starting the boot, if you have a windows partition, will automatically detected, click yes to continue.
if you have linux installed, its better install android grub manually, then select skip to ignore.

7. On Option "Do You want to install /system directory as read write?" select yes.

8. Create a fake SD card, a maximum size 2GB only.

9. You're finished then Reboot your pc

On Start will appear Grub menu then select Android-x86, not debug mode

Not all applications can run in android installed on the PC, because not all the PC hardware recognized properly by android-x86 Operation System.
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