16 Juli 2012

How to get rid Acne and acne scars Safely, Fast And Most Effective

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How to get rid Acne and acne scars Safely, Fast And Most Effective use of natural materials as masks as well as no side effects. The disease is almost becoming a subscription of all people, although there is a recovery but not a few who continue to stick on the face and not go away. Acne usually occurs on the first time when we're puberty or about age 12-19 years when in adolescence as it is on the production of androgen hormones and trigger acne.

Acne or Acne Vulgaris emergence is due to chronic inflammation of the oil glands in the skin (pilosebaceous / sebaceous) the lack of balance caused by the formation of oil out of oil through the skin surface, causing the buildup and then harden to form a clot eventually clog on the face of triggering bacteria causes of acne (Propionibacterium acnes).

Foods that cause acne should be avoided, such as milk, yougurt etc. or at least not too much to consume, although in various studies such as the chocolate, sugar, milk, and seafood are not proven to cause acne origin consumed in a reasonable and not excessive. Foods most widely believed to trigger the disease advances are nuts such as peanuts and so on.

The most important thing for those of you who have sensitive skin acne it would be nice if selective in choosing food, especially if you've proven that certain foods can cause acne, if it's been done and proven acne after eating these foods in your face began to appear so avoid these foods to prevent acne more.

If the acne is actually already there are many ways to remove acne naturally or as modern as the use of laser or injectable steroids. This time you can try traditional and proven effective, easy, inexpensive, without side effects.

A. Oranges & Lemons

The skin above materials can be used to overcome the stubborn acne, in addition to other drugs that can be found easily in drugstores or in a store that sells beauty products. How crushed orange peel until smooth, mix a little water and rub on the affected acne, allow up to 10-15 minutes and then rinsed with clean water.

B. Cucumber

Although this type of fruit easy to find and the price is very cheap in fact contain substances that are beneficial to the body, including to treat acne. You can do by way of slicing and put on the affected part and its function to provide a cool effect on the skin that are inflamed, after 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

C. Honey

a natural fluid produced by honey bees. From the various results of scientific research, honey proved to cure various diseases including the eradication of acne. Do I apply honey on the acne affected skin, use a cotton or cotton but (urekan ear), allow 15 minutes then rinse, do it every day until the acne dries.

D. Papaya

Papaya fruit contains vitamins, but many people do not like because the aroma is less pleasant if it is too ripe. Blender how to taste papaya and rub on the face of an inflamed left on for 20 minutes then wash.

E. Egg Yolk Mask.

Eggs contain lots of protein, Take 1 egg (good chicken) and remove the white thoroughly and then take the egg yolks and beat until smooth and then make a face mask, leave on for 30 minutes then rinse.

F. Fruit masks walnuts
and yogurt.

Soften crushed walnut way until it turns into a fine powder, take at least 2 teaspoons, then mix plain yogurt. Walnut mixture was then applied to the face and massage leave for 20 minutes then rinse to clean.

Acne is a skin problem often make sufferers often feel confused, because treatment is often a failure or do not heal. So hopefully Natural Acne How to Eliminate the above can help you to find it difficult to eradicate acne effectively. Besides functioning as a way of treatment can also be applied to remove stains acne scars are usually still attached to the face of black spots or small hole shaped opening.
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