26 Juli 2012

Top 7 Free Uninstaller Software

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Looking free uninstaller for your pc? This article describes the top 7 free portable and non portable uninstaller of the most widely downloaded on the Internet and its features.
I would classify according portable and non-portable

The following is 4 free non portable uninstaller:

1.Revo Uninstaller

This uninstaller has additional features such as hunter mode, autorun manager, shortcut to important tools in Windows, junk files cleaner, advance scan and others.

2.Absolute Uninstaller

The program has additional features such as Batch uninstall, remove the registry entry, and modify properties of installed programs.

ZSoft Uninstaller

Zsoft Uninstaller has additional features such as Registry backup, temp file finder, Empty folder finder, Startup manager, program analyzer, Badware finder etc.

4.Add/Remove Manager

This program is very simple, there are only button for uninstall programs.

And following is 3 free portable uninstaller:


KUninstall has features such as hunter mode, very simple and easy to use

2.UnInstall Cleaner

Very simple and user friendly, delete, uninstall and select language.

3.PC Decrapifier

If you first open PC Decrapifier, it will appear as installer, but actually not, it only guides you to uninstall menu, additional feature is create a restore point only.

Perhaps you would like this and maybe you will try it one by one and get the most suitable for you.

Bonus: iobit advanced uninstaller

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