26 Juli 2012


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google free proxy server
Now we will learn how to create free proxy that also using Google App Engine.
this is called Gappproxy (Google App Proxy) this proxy is support SSL / HTTPS and anonymous, light weight very nice for old computer with minimum specification.
the other advantage is easy installation and the proxy can be used to upload, login such as Gmail or Facebook, Youtube streaming, downloading, and other.
and this proxy server very nice solution to unblock internet censorship.

Step 1. Create Google App Engine you must sign-up first to create account and application id
Step 2. You need phyton for uploading the file to Google App Engine server, Download and Install Python for windows and You also need Google App Engine for Phyton that can called the runtime for exe file based google app engine Google App Engine Windows Runtime for Python

Step 3. Download fetchserver that will uploaded to server and extract on anywhere you want,then open folder fetchserver, edit app.yaml use wordpad or notepad then change your_application_name with your APPLICATION IDENTIFIER (APP ID), like this picture:

Step 5. Open Google App Engine Launcer
then follow this step:

A. Add Existing Application
B. Browse the folder that you extract fetchserver
C. Cllick Deploy then insert your gmail email and password that using for create GAE account
D. Deployment Proceess.. wait for a minute is depend your speed connection

If you getting error try Deploy again until successful, like this picture:

E. End of tutorial, thank you for watching and good luck.

And Now How to use this proxy please read this post: HOW TO USE GAP PROXY
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