26 Juli 2012

How To: Connect Socks Proxy via Http

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Step by step Connect Socks Proxy via Http

Some times we use socks proxy or ssh to unblock site, then cannot connect easily with firefox, chrome, or opera, well I'll give tips so you can easily use socks proxy on any browser.

The following is 5 Steps that very easy, so dont worry to try it.

Step 1. Download polipo for windows from: freehaven then extract to space on your hard drive, this is the software will use to pipelining a http socks protocol to http(s).

Step 2. Download this file: then extract in the same polipo folder, this file contains config and batch file to startup polipo service.

Step 3. edit file etc/polipo/polipo, use a text editor such as Notepad or WordPad, looks like this:

proxyAddress = ""
proxyPort = 8080
allowedClients = ""
proxyName = "polipo"
cacheIsShared = false
socksParentProxy = "localhost:1080"
socksProxyType = socks5
localDocumentRoot = ""
censoredHeaders = from, accept-language
censorReferer = no

Edit the following sections:
socksParentProxy = proxy:port socks that according to proxy you are use, usually for Bitvise Tunnelier SSH client on the tab SERVICE

Save changes

step 4. set browser to use http proxy at port 8080

Step 5.
Run polipo by executing polipo.bat.

I made this batch file because if you run polipo.exe directly then could not start.

Using this you can use a socks proxy like use a http(s) proxy without using any expensive software.

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