26 Juli 2012

CloudSigma VPS Trial

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CloudSigma VPS Trial Still Slow connection.
every time a trial we definitely want to try it, as well as VPS, not hurt you to try it first before buying a product, but what if the connection is slow?
I think you are ever asked to use it, but you would have know that the latest trial was not because of poor quality, but to keep the vps is not misused, such as for gaming, leeching, torrent, and so forth.

Trial 7 days you will get:

CPU: 2.50 GHz
RAM: 2.50 GB
Storage: 22 GB
Bandwidth- incoming: 10GB (total)
Bandwidth- outgoing: 10GB (total)
Static IP addresses: 0
Dynamic IP addresses: Unlimited


To prevent abuse by free trialists, all accounts start off with certain outbound network ports blocked. These are: outbound SMTP, outbound SSH, outbound FTP and outbound telnet.

All paid accounts do not have these restrictions.

Do you want to try this vps too?

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