26 Juli 2012

How To Remove iSafe Keylogger Easily and Quickly

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Download iSafe Keylogger Removal tool free.bat - here
then open and iSafe Keylogger will complete uninstalled, its easy and fastly like on my screenshoot picture below:
1. While iSafe Keylogger running:

2. I Opened Taskmanager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) then I got the process name is PWRISOVM.EXE:
the process of this program is hidden.
the process name is always not same in each installation and very variously

2. Then I Uninstalled using iSafe Keylogger Removal tool free.bat:
Klik Y then Enter

Now Close iSafe Window if still opened, and the autostart is already killed and installation folder and file also deleted.
its work with new version of iSafe All in One Keylogger release 2012
and version installer is
I dont know why they give zero version, but I think this keylogger is Safe and not containing any malware or spyware,
or you can check any suspicious software by upload it to

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