26 Juli 2012

15 Most Top iPhone Apps Banned by AppleBanned

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Have you ever used an iPhone or iPod app only to find it later removed from Apple's App Store?  Of course you have, its happened to everyone.  Below are 15 some of the more user desirable apps that Apple wanted no part of.  From porn apps, to drug apps -- well actually it's mainly just those two, Apple deemed it fit to remove those popular user apps from their store.

Herb Converter

There seems to be an over-all theme with these banned apps.  Sex and Drugs just don't belong on the app store. Disguised as a unit calculator, the Herb Converter let its users calculate fractions and convert ounces to grams to measure your marijuana out.  It was soon removed but left many stoners upset.

Sexy Bikini Fart

Now this is an app I'd have to mute to enjoy.  Sexy Bikini Fart combines hot girls in bikinis and farting.  It's not really a combo I'm very interested in and neither was Apple as it was removed from the store.

Video Strip Poker

Love strip poker but never had any hot friends to play it with?  Well too bad that you missed out on getting the Video Strip Poker app before Apple took it down from their app store.  The app allowed you to play poker against photos of hot woman that stripped to their panties if you won a hand against them.


Making headlines a couple months ago, Julian Assange dumped thousands of top secret state departement documents.  He aslo tried to dump them into an iPhone App.  When Apple found out about this they pulled the plug citing that the iPhone App failed to comply with Apple's "Personal Attack" clause in the user agreement.

Strip Simon

An adult take on the classic children's handheld game.  Strip Simon allowed users to make the color and patern memorization game by rewarding them with videos and images of women stripping when they finished a sequence correctly.  Sticking with their strict no adult content policy, Apple removed the app from the app store.

Ghetto Tweets

This slightly racist based iPhone App took tweets from people you follow on twitter and turn their tweets into ebonitised street slang.  Ghetto Tweets was taken down from the App Store after people complained about its racist and ignorant nature.

Dirty Fingers

Now this is an App I wish wasn't removed.  Ever wish you had a hot chick in a bikini to clean your finger prints off your iPhone screen?  Well while this app didn't do that, it sure did simulate it.  However keeping with Apple's incredibly strict no adult content policy this "dirty" app was removed from the store.  One can only hope it'll come back though..


There are dozens and dozens of gun apps on the iTunes App store, but when a bloody iPhone knife app goes up and teen stabbings increase the only thing Apple can do is ban it.


I'm not quite sure when app developers will get the picture.  Apple just does NOT like adult themed apps.  Puff! allowed users to look up the skirt of cute Japense girl's by blowing into the mic of the iPhone.


iHootiez was everything you could ever want in from the club scene all rolled into one easy to use app.  The user was able to watch barely dressed girls dance to club music, speak dirty talk to you, and perform sexy private shows all from the comfort of anywhere.  Adult App? It was yanked -- no pun intended (okay, it was).

Dope Wars 2

Ever wish you could live the life of a drug dealer?  Well this app allowed you to do just that.  Dope Wars 2 let users be the drug dealer you always wanted to be, selling as much drugs as you could in 30 days.  The App was taken down by Apple and later renamed to Candy Wars where it was put back up.  While the name and themes changed, the overall feeling of the game was still the same.


To put it simply, iBoobs allowed you to shake, jiggle, and josle pixelated boobies.  While researchers say staring at boobs for several minutes a day can prolong a man's life by 5 years, Apple seems to think it should be done on something other than their devices.


PinPointsX was a unique app all in its own.  This iPhone App focused its inner Craigslist perv to allow its users to locate and find interested sexual partners via the GPS map.  With concerns of sex trafficknig and thoughts of saftely, Apple banned the app from ever seeing the light of day again.

I Am Rich

I'm not really sure why Apple took this Rick Ross inspired app off the market.  In my mind it was another form of Darwin's theory of natural selection.  The I Am Rich app retailed for an astonishing $1,000 and did absolutely nothing.  There were 8 people who purchased the app before it was pulled.  I think its safe to say those 8 people won't be moving on in the evolution chain.

Me So Holy

I wasn't going to include this app in the list, but seeing as how it's Easter I thought I would join in the festivities and show you all Me So Holy.  This iPhone app allowed the owner to take a picture of themselves and paste it over the face of Jesus.  Apple labeled it as "objectionable content" and banned it from the app store.
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