01 Januari 2012

How To: Change Themes of Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710

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How to Change Themes on Nokia Nokia Lumia Lumia 710 or 800? As we know Nokia Lumia 900/800/710 and 610 comes with Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft. If you are new to Windows Phone 7 on HP Nokia Lumia and already bored with the look of the theme that's it, follow these simple tips to change the Theme in the Nokia 800 or Nokia 710 Lumia.


* From the main menu or the Start screen, swipe from right to left or just press the arrow keys on the screen. Then press the menu Settings - Theme.

* In the Background section specify the desired options are dark (dark) or light (light), do not forget on the Accent Color choose any color you want is a red, blue, cyan, or even black.

And to change the Wallpaper in Nokia Lumia Lumia 800 or 610/710, follow these simple steps.

* From the Start screen (main menu) scroll to the left or press the arrow keys.
* Touch the Settings menu.
* Select the Lock + Wallpaper.
* Change Touch wallpaper.
* Next select the wallpaper you want

Now you will not be bored again with the standard look of Windows Phone 7 on Nokia Lumia.
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