31 Januari 2019

Paypal vs Payoneer exchange rate (Payoneer Win)

Posted by at 19.06
Who is the best? Paypal or Payoneer? For me Payoneer is better exchange Rate when I withdraw to my local bank account in IDR rupiah curre...

06 Januari 2019

Melbicom.net vps is SLOW CPU and NETWORK

Posted by at 08.50
100% CPU LOAD: CPU and RAM full 100%  high load using NGINX serving static HTTPS resources only, no PHP-FPM active, melbiko...

05 Januari 2019

Hotkey Netherlands server bad connectivity

Posted by at 07.45
Using UptimeRobot.com for monitoring. Their network is not good enough, down often 1 minutes, AS200313 with 3 peers ipv4
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